Ian Ronson


Ian Ronson

I started training in 1988 in the Sands Centre in Carlisle. I suffered from a lack of self confidence having been picked on in school and work alike. I found the first class hard to pick up the courage to go to, but I am so glad I did.

I trained for 3 years under Sensei Doug James and attained purple belt before leaving the area to go to university.

In 1998 I started training again, this time in Newcastle under Sensei Paul Jackson.  In the same year I entered the Chojinkai Cup and to my surprise won the Senior Kata event.   In the future years I entered most Chojinkai events and although I found competing challenging, they were enjoyable and being in the medals on every occasion, helped to improve my confidence.

In 1999 I started helping out with the kids class and found it rewarding  and in 2002 I received my 1st Dan.

In 2009 after the retirement of Sensei Paul Jackson and with Sensei Doug James’s support and guidance, I took on a more senior role in the club along with Sensei Mark McLeod, Sensei John Timney and Stephen Bainbridge, taking some of the classes early on and more as time went by.

I am proud and honored to be part of the association and I enjoy passing on my knowledge helping others.