Gordon Harrison

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I have always been attracted to the martial arts but never had enough time due to work commitments.  When my son expressed an interest to start, this gave me a reason to go along with him and get started myself.  In November 1985 myself and my son Dale started training at the Whitehaven Dojo under the instruction of Sensei James, Sensei Gerard Carr and Sensei Alan Banks.

My son eventually stopped training, but I was hooked and progressed through the grades until I reached my ultimate aim.  At the time that was achieving my 1st Dan Black Belt in June 1991.

In 1987 I also was training at the Egremont Dojo that was originally run by Sensei Gerrard Carr.  In 1989 I took over as the Instructor of the club myself for Sensei James and have been the Senior Head Instructor at the Club ever since.

As my love of martial arts developed, like many students I also studied other styles and practiced Aikido for a year and Iaido (the art of the samurai sword) for about three years.  It’s important to understand other martial arts as they all have something different to offer students but my main love is Karate and I especially enjoy Kata.  I believe everything you need to know for good self defence is hidden within the fifteen Katas of Wado Ryu Karate.

I started refereeing in the 1990’s at the Karate Open competitions around the North of England and then joined the National scene in 2000’s as an English Judge and Referee. I am currently a British Elite Referee in Kumite and Kata, apart from Refereeing the top matches, I take responsibility on the day for overseeing of matches and referees performance.

My fellow Head Instructor at the Egremont Club is Sensei Alan Connor, who started training at the club around 1990 and reached 4th Dan Black Belt in 2014.  Alan is also a British Kumite Referee and between us we organise and manage the Club.

In 2008 I also took over responsibility for the Cockermouth Club for Sensei Doug James and under my tuition and with the students dedication, the club has produced many Club and Open Kata Champions.  I am very proud to say that the clubs at Cockermouth and Egremont have produced around twenty five Black Belts of all ages, many of which have competed Nationally and Internationally.

Many of our student grades have also done exceptionally well on the Competition scene, both Nationally and Internationally.  No other clubs in West Cumbria has achieved this level of success on the competition scene.

The Chojinkai Karate Association is more like a large family and at the Cockermouth and Egremont clubs, we have many families training together, not only brothers and sisters, but their mothers and their fathers also.  Our aim is to carry on with our high standard of training for both adults and children to keep them competing at National and International level and we would love to see you come and train with us.

In 2008 I was awarded 5th Dan (Godan) by Sensei James and in November 2014 Sensei James acknowledged my contribution to Refereeing within Chojinkai and on the National circuit when he presented me with a Special Competition Karate Award for “the Development and Outstanding success in Coaching the Chojinkai Competition Officials”, an award I am extremely proud of.

At the Association Annual Championships on 11th October 2015 I was again honoured, and awarded 6th Dan (Rokudan) by Sensei James.

Doug James 8th Dan presenting Gordon Harrison with 6th Dan Award

After all these years and many memories to look back on I am still learning.  I aim to continue training and teaching at Chojinkai and still enjoy Officiating at local, national and international events.