Fred Ritson



In 1989 having watched my sons and daughter taking part in Karate lessons in the Whitehaven Sports Centre, I became interested in the sport and decided to join the adult class run by  Tony Eglin followed by Iain Abernethy.  Having three green belts in the family already it inspired me to push myself to catch up and gained my green belt in 1990. With my interest growing I asked Jim Robson my kids Sensei, if I could assist him with his class to which he agreed.

My passion continued to grow, especially for Kata, I started to compete in Chojinkai Club competitions in the 90’s having gained a good foundation through guidance and support from my Sensei Doug James. With my confidence growing and my technical ability developing, I started to enter some nationals many years ago and International Competition over 35yrs Kata category.

My interest is looking into the kata, with the bunkai forms and applications, and understanding of the hidden kata applications which have all the fighting systems we need. This is not easy and a lot of time needs to be devoted to it, but the reward after long hours in searching, slowly gives you the knowledge to want more information from your kata.

I gained my 1st Dan in 1992 and having been a club referee and judge for several years I have decided to progress, with the encouragement of Sensei Gordon Harrison, to gain my England Judge and Referee qualification in Kata as well as Kumite. I am currently an English Karate Federation Kumite Judge, officiating at National and International competitions.

I have been the Head Instructor at the Whitehaven Club for many years & was awarded my 5th Dan in October 2014 at the 40th Anniversary Chojinkai National Championships by Sensei Doug James.  This is an achievement I am very proud of & my aim now is to continue teaching & passing on knowledge & encouraging my students to be the best they can be.