John Timney

John has been training at the Newcastle club for over 30 years or so having started when the club was really quite young back in 1989.  His main Instructors in those days were Doug James then 5th Dan and Paul Jackson a 3rd Dan.

He has studied a number of the martial arts including Wado Kai, Jujitsu, Aikido and Freestyle but remains an ardent student and teacher of Wado Ryu.

A Chojinkai Senior Instructor

John Timney

He is an exponent of Kata Bunkai and the real world application of the principles of Kata.  He favours the close range unarmed fighting techniques that come from understanding the principles of body movement and joint control; locks, short strikes, restraint techniques and evasion.

He was inspired at a very early age by the likes of Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal and loved the classic early martial arts movies wondering how they could do those amazing things and as a teenager he was persuaded to try Karate through a friends sister who was training at Newcastle Chojinkai. Looking back, it was a life changing moment as Karate gave him the discipline and commitment necessary to succeed not only in martial arts but in his personal and work life.

He continues to train and to teach at Chojinkai as he strongly believes his peers and teachers provide an ever evolving knowledge in one of the most ancient Japanese martial arts as well as having made some lifelong friends.  There are no bad instructors at Chojinkai.  It is a very personal club and it is an easy place to train amongst people who are happy to spend time explaining a technique through, or to work with you to perfect something new.  This isn’t unique to Chojinkai, but it is a quality you need to seek in any club or style you give time trying to master.

John achieved 2nd Dan in 2002 and since the retirement of Paul Jackson 6th Dan, he is one of the Senior Instructors at the Newcastle Clubs and both trains and teaches regularly, under the guidance of Sensei Doug James 8th Dan & Darren Longstaff 5th Dan.

In 2015 he undertook a course of regular training sessions over a 5 month period with Darren Longstaff 5th Dan & Sensei Doug James 8th Dan & on 1st November was graded to 3rd Dan, an achievement he is extremely proud of.