Grading Exams

The Chojinkai Karate Grading Process

Gradings (grading examinations) are an assessment of the standard and level achieved by the student in the Chojinkai Karate System. The level attained is denoted by a different coloured belt, the colour depending on the grade achieved. The “Kyu” grade refers to the “student” level and the “Dan” grade refers to “Degree or Instructor” level.

The order of the belts for Adults and Teenagers is White belt Beginner, Yellow belt (8th Kyu), Orange belt (7th Kyu), Green belt (6th Kyu), Blue belt (5th Kyu), Purple belt (4th Kyu). The three remaining grades (3rd, 2nd and 1st Kyu) leading up to the coveted black belt are all coloured Brown, with the exact grade shown by black stripes on the belt (eg 3rd Kyu has one stripe, 2nd Kyu has two stripes and 1st Kyu has three stripes).

The order for Juniors/Boys and Girls is similar to above with an intermediate level in between the lower Kyu grades, denoted by a colour stripe on a white belt. The exception to this is the first grade being red or yellow stripe, before the full Yellow belt, depending on the standard reached by the child.

The grading is conducted by the Club Head Instructor/Grading officer(s), where the student will demonstrate his or her skills as detailed in the Chojinkai Association syllabus. The grading is usually conducted in a class format, i.e. all students taking the same level of grade will demonstrate their techniques together in a group.

On completion of the grading, the successful students will have their Red Association licence book signed/dated and they will be presented with a certificate.

All students should ask the class instructor whether or not they should attempt the grading, no student should expect to grade every time, follow the advice of your instructor.

Gradings are held every three months at the various club locations as set out below, for beginners through to 4th kyu purple belt. Three months between gradings is a minimum recommendation after achieving the first belt, which is yellow belt for adults and teenagers, and red or yellow stripe for juniors.

Students can may try for their next belt when they have trained a minimum of 20 classes, since their last grading, and have been advised to do so by their instructor.

As the student progresses up the karate ladder, and more is required to progress to the next level, many students take longer to prepare for a grading. Therefore students should aim to train at least twice a week whenever possible.

Some students can only attend once a week due to work, schooling or other activities etc. Please bear in mind that if attending once a week it will take longer to achieve the necessary standard and acquire the skill needed to progress to the next belt.

For gradings 3rd kyu and above, denoted by a Brown coloured belt, a minimum six months training is required before attempting the next belt. For Juniors there is an intermediate level from 4th to 3rd Kyu denoted by a brown stripe on a white belt.

The Instructor must nominate and pre-register the students name one week prior to the grading, therefore it is essential that the student works with the Instructor to prepare for the grading and obtain their permission.

The “Senior Gradings”  are conducted by the Senior Association Grading Panel, headed by the Chief Instructor, usually at the honbu dojo (home) location in Carlisle.  The Black Belt Grades start at 1st Dan, with a minimum age of 16 years, there is also a set minimum training time between each Dan Grade as laid down by the WKF (The World Karate Federation). The time scale equates to the Dan grade level eg for 2nd Dan, a minimum of two years after gaining 1st Dan; to attempt 3rd Dan, a minimum of 3 Years … and so on up to 10 years for 10th Dan.

Juniors under 16 can achieve a Junior Black Belt, 1st Dan and 2nd Dan and upon reaching 16 years of age, the full grading is retaken as a re-assessment and a Senior Black Belt Awarded.