Competition Karate



Competition Karate can be an exciting, exhilarating and very rewarding part of your Karate training. It provides a unique testing ground for the martial skills you are striving to perfect by studying karate. The challenge is real, the action is real, the crowds are real and the reward is real. Training for and entering competitions can be regarded as an additional and important activity to enhance your normal training.

Karate is not just about fighting and neither is competition. Competing involves the development of techniques and tactics that allow you to score points over an opponent (assessed by qualified judges), as opposed to actually striking and immobilising a fellow competitor. Strict rules apply in the sparring events to maximise safety and minimise the risk of injury.

Competitions are the sporting arm of the Karate that we promote within the Chojinkai Karate Clubs. It includes the demonstration of KATA (Forms) and KUMITE (Sparring). This can be either as an Individual or as a member of a Team. In fact, many of the Chojinkai Instructors and Students are both current and past champions of competition karate at both local and national level.

One of the main benefits of entering competitions is that you are literally pitting your skills and your wits against opponents every time you go out on the mat to compete. As such, no two bouts or opponents are the same.

These differences add to the challenge and rising to that challenge and conquering your fears can help you in many aspects of life. Winning inevitably makes you feel proud of your achievement and boosts your confidence. You cant win all the time though, so at Chojinkai students are also taught to come to terms with losing and how they can measure that loss in order to improve future performance and learn from the experience. By competing you are taking part in activity that has the added benefits of sharpening your reactions, improving confidence and toning your mental strength.

Its not all about challenge, its good fun too and many of the benefits quite often come from simply taking part, learning to be a good sport and having a good time. If you dont want to compete, its always good fun to sit back and watch.

KATA TRAINING & PRACTICE for competition karate, is normally conducted in the local club with very experienced Club Instructors preparing the students for competition. Getting involved in Kata Competition is easy, all you need to do is ask your instructor who will answer any questions you have and give you more details.

As Chojinkai is a full member of the EKF, it is also possible to train at the England National Squad training sessions, and with the kind of support Chojinkai provides you might one day be good enough to represent your country.

Referees and Judges

Chojinkai have a continuous development programme for potential Judges and Referees where Brown and Black Belts can study to qualify as an Official through the Association Coaching Programme. Again, your local instructor will always be happy to explain how it all works and introduce you to your nearest assessor